POTD 7/24/2014

POTD 7/22/2014

There is WAAAy too much killing happening. Spread your love widely right now.

POTD 7/21/2014

Maybe if we all put our 3d glasses on the mess the world is becoming will look better?

POTD 7/20/2014

Y’s garden is a great source of photo opps, and a wonderful place to take a deep breath.

POTD 7/18/2014

When I was  a kid, the Fuller brush salesman was a regular at our house. We looked forward to his visits. He gave us kids little gifts.
I spotted this brush and box at a yard sale. The memories flooded my brain. I was a kid again for a few minutes recalling things I didn’t know I remembered.

POTD 7/17/2014

Some waiting required.

POTD 7/16/2014

Give California’s fire fighters a hand. Don’t be careless. They already have enough problems to deal with. Yesterday I photographed a wildfire being put out. The blaze was started by sparks from a cooking fire at a homeless encampment. The idiots dug a fire pit into the ground about a foot deep, and left it unattended. It took 30 men to extinguish it. We are fortunate this “skeleton crew” is so good at their job, because the big fire at near Shasta has the local Cal Fire teams working miles from here.